Ready to Bake Mini Raisin Roll

Pack Size: 3x6.17lb

SKU #58145
All butter. Filled with pastry cream and raisins. Eggwash and bake at 350
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UPC 825414581453
Case Size 15.67''x 11.73''x 10.08''
Pack Net Weight 1.00
Case Gross Weight 19.58 lbs.
Cases Per Pallet 70
Case Cube 1.07ft3
Products Per Case 3
Net Weight 6.17 lbs.
Case Vol 1.07ft3


Unit weight: 1.23 oz (35g).

Diameter: 1.97" to 2.16" (50-55 mm)


Color: golden to golden brown.

Flavor: typical of butter raisin roll.

Texture: flaky, typical of raisin roll.


GMO free.


Wheat flour, water, raisins, butter, sugar, eggs, glucose-fructose syrup, yeast, potato starchmodified, salt, lactose, milk proteins, cream powder, whey powder, skimmed milk powder, coloring agents (curcumin, carrot extract), stabilizers (trisodium diphosphate, calcium sulfate), thickener (sodium alginate), artificial and natural milk and vanilla flavors, flour treatment agent (ascorbic acid), enzymes.