Mediterranean Crown

Pack Size: 48x3.5oz

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Deepfrozen danish dough
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Square pastry with a filling (30%) based on full fat cream cheese (18%) and red pepper (3%), decorated with a red pesto taste powder (2%), ready to bake
Case Size 15.6''x 11.65''x 5.75''
Pack Net Weight 1.00
Case Gross Weight 11lb
Cases Per Pallet 96
Case Cube 0.61ft3
Products Per Case 48
Net Weight 10.56lb
Case Vol 0.61ft3


Unit weight: 3.5 oz (100g).


GMO free. BRC, IFS.


Flour (wheat, malted barley), water, full fat soft cheese (milk), vegetable oils and fats (palm, rapeseed), red bell pepper, cream (milk), glucose-fructose syrup, yeast, egg, starch, salt, sugar, cheese powder (milk), spices, lemon juice concentrate, emulsifier, herbs, red paprika, whey powder (milk), dextrose, vinegar, stabiliser (calcium chloride), anitoxidant (ascorbic acid, citric acid), natural flavor, color, flour treatment agent (ascorbic acid), enzymes. CONTAINS MILK, WHEAT. MAY CONTAIN TRACES OF SOYBEANS, NUTS, SESAME SEEDS.