Cheese Bechamel Pouch

Pack Size: 5x2.2lb
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Bechamel sauce in a pouch, can be used to cook gratins, as it is or garnished with grated cheese. Read Details
Case Size 12.75''x 7.5''x 5.6''
Pack Net Weight Weight1.00
Case Gross Weight 11.85lb
Cases Per Pallet 234
Case Cube 0.31ft3
Net Weight 2.2lb
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Color: off-white, ivory / Flavor: bechamel and cheese / Odor: bechamel / Texture: smooth


Milk, cheese 10% (milk, salt, lactic ferment, coagulant, anitcaking agent), butter, thickeners (modified starch, carrageenans), salt, xanthan gum, pepper. CONTAINS MILK, MAY CONTAIN TRACES OF NUTS (ALMONDS).