Ready to Bake Mini Apple Turnover

Pack Size: 150x1.41oz

SKU #58154
Filled with apple compote between layers of buttery puff pastry dough.
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UPC 825414581545
Case Size 15.67''x 11.73''x 5.7''
Pack Net Weight 1.00
Case Gross Weight 14lb
Cases Per Pallet 130 (10/13)
Case Cube 0.61ft3
Products Per Case 150
Net Weight 1.41oz
Case Vol 0.61ft3


Unit weight: 1.41 oz ± 0.14 oz (40g ± 3.6g). Length (raw): 2.75" to 3.54" (70-90 mm).


Color: golden to golden brown. Flavor: typical of apple turnover. Texture: flaky, typical of apple turnover.


GMO free.


Dough (74%): wheat flour, butter (37%), water, salt. Filling (24%): apple puree, wheat glucose-fructose syrup (wheat or corn). Glazing (2%): eggs. Contains wheat, milk, egg. May contain soy and tree nuts (almond, hazelnut, pecan, pistachio).