Goat Cheese Crumble

Pack Size: 2x11lbs
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Crumbled IQF goat cheese. Does not clump. Ideal for high capacity production. Read Details
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Case Size 15''x11.4''x12.2''
Pack Net Weight Weight1.00
Case Gross Weight 23.4 lbs.
Cases Per Pallet 60
Case Cube 1.21ft3
Products Per Case 2
Net Weight 11 lbs.
Nutritional Fact Image


Shape: Crumbs

Fat: >20%

Fat in dry matter: >45%

NaCI: 1.4-1.7%

pH: 4.5-4.8


Color: White

Texture: Homogeneous, firm, typical of goat cheese

Taste: Sweet, fresh, typical of goat cheese


Pasteurized goat milk, salt, starter culture, coagulant.