White Toque is a leading importer of specialty food products for restaurants. We partner with manufacturers worldwide to bring unique products to the market. Whether you own a restaurant or a catering company, it’s vitally important to serve the highest quality food, while keeping cost low and efficiency high. White Toque is here to prove frozen food can be delicious, fresh and authentic. White Toque brings you a new world of frozen and specialty foods to the restaurant supply industry. Supplying a complete line of frozen food products, White Toque vendors takes fresh products and freezes them without adding any preservatives. The freezing process ensures constant quality for the consumer. White Toque can help your restaurant be more efficient; save time by ordering premade appetizers such as Mediterranean quiches and vegetarian spring rolls. Cooking rice and other grains is time consuming, so let White Toque do all the work with our fully cooked grains and rices line. Shop our selection of pre-cooked quinoa, rice, and other grains. Purchasing fresh restaurant supply cheese every week can become costly because of the short shelf life. White Toque’s selection of imported cheese are individually quick frozen, IQF, to preserve their flavor and texture, so you don’t waste product. White Toque also satisfies all of your restaurant condiment needs; shop our variety of gourmet mustards, oils, and vinegars. It’s not always ideal to keep fresh fruit on hand, so check out our fruit purees and preserves, made with 100% real fruit and no preservatives.