About Us

About Us

White Toque, Inc. is the leading importer of European specialty products to the food service trade in the United States.We currently sell to 250 distributors and wholesalers nationwide and offer a wide selection of frozen and dry goods products.


    Our frozen food lines represent about 80% of our sales and most of them are packaged under our WHITE TOQUE brand. We strive to find the highest quality ingredients and bring totally unique frozen items to the market. We guarantee the quality of all our ingredients or finished goods because we work closely with major manufacturers and production facilities in Europe in establishing strong standards of quality.

  • History

    Incorporated in 1992, White Toque Inc. is the result of the merger between the export operations of France Mediation USA Inc. (a sales agency for the French food and wine companies) and Toque d'Alsace S.A. (a French manufacturer of frozen entrees and appetizers). The company has grown through the years by expanding its product lines and geographical presence in the market by opening new sales offices nationwide.

    In 1998, we started exporting under the Gourmet USA brand with a sales office in Lyon, France. Gourmet USA markets American-made goods to both the food service and the retail industry in Europe.

  • Vision

    With a staff combining over 50 years of experience in the specialty and frozen food industry, we understand how demanding the food service industry is. Our sales staff is ready to work closely with food service distributors in achieving sales goals, introduce new items into the local market and support the distributors with the appropriate marketing tools. We have opened several offices and warehouse locations to serve your needs faster and better. We can ship anywhere in the Continental USA and guarantee frozen freight services via nationwide freight companies.