Four Ways To Get Your Restaurant Ready For The Holiday Season

The holiday season is upon us once again. For those of us in the food service business, we know that the most wonderful time of the year is also the busiest time of the year. Between office holiday parties, catered events and family dinners, there is always a cause for celebration.

Follow our tips to easily prepare your restaurant for the coming holidays.

Warm Up Your Menu

While cold greens hit the spot in July, warm appetizers are more appropriate for an inviting holiday atmosphere.

Appetizers are the first thing your guests enjoy after venturing in from the cold and dreary outdoors. Delight them with warming starters such as stuffed pastries, creamy goat cheese fritters, or breaded artichokes to whet their palate and prepare them for a delicious main course.

Indulge in Delicacies

The holiday season is all about embracing and enjoying the finer things in life. Guests are likely to spend more during these months, so offer them options that allow them to indulge.

French cuisine is recognized worldwide for its decadence. Classic dishes such as escargot are both easy to prepare and perfect for sharing - a must during the holiday season.

Embrace Classic Holiday Dessert

Guests expect a certain amount of tradition when they dine out. Petits Fours are a classic holiday treat that are perfect for catering, dessert, or for your customers to order for pick up.

While Traditional Petits Fours are always a hit, we at White Toque offer an incredible range to choose from. Our All-Chocolate assortment centers around classic combinations such as chocolate, praliné, hazelnut and coffee. Our Paris-New York Petits Fours are the classic American dessert with a French twist, while our Exotic Petits Fours are a selection of lighter mini-pastries with exotic fruits and unique shapes.

Incorporate Seasonal Flavors

The most popular holiday flavors are usually vanilla, cinnamon, peppermint and hazelnut. Embrace your inner-creativity and trade in the holiday classics for under-utilized flavors that set your menu apart.

Pomegranate is a bright winter flavor that often goes overlooked. The fruit itself is very versatile - use it in a puree form as the base of a sauce to top savory meats, or use the seeds to create a winter by tossing arugula with sliced pears, toasted walnuts, blue cheese and pomegranate seeds in a vinaigrette.

We offer pomegranate puree and seeds on our website for your convenience.