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October 2017

How to Perfect the Prix Fixe Menu

For many restaurateurs, the idea of introducing the occasional prix fixe menu is overwhelming.

However, the Prix Fixe menu is popular among guests and chefs alike for a number of reasons: it gives chefs the opportunity to create a meal as they envision it - from starter to dessert, it ensures that each table will be spending a certain amount, and it allows you to streamline orders coming through the kitchen.

To create your own Prix Fixe experience, you need a little creativity and a lot of planning.

Create a Menu to Remember

A successful prix fixe menu blurs the line between familiar favorites and gourmet indulgence. Diners are looking for a menu that will set the stage for a memorable date, and will spend a good amount of time searching for the perfect menu.

To start the meal, choose appetizers that are warming and easy to eat. Patrons dine out in order to enjoy the company and conversation of others. For instance, goat cheese fritters and bruschetta can be easily dressed up, while remaining accessible.

For the main course, you should look for unexpected proteins, such as duck, paired with unexpected sauces, such as one with a hint of raspberry coulis. You should also be sure to have a vegetarian-friendly dish as an option.

As far as dessert goes, use the holiday as a chance to try one of the biggest trends of 2017: bite-size decadence. These miniature desserts are as beautiful as they are shareable.

Go the Extra Mile

While eating out is almost always as much about the experience as the food, this sentiment is even more important on the special occasions you’d introduce a prix fixe menu for.

Take the time to plan your menu in advance, then hire someone to help you design it. This will not only help with the aesthetics of the service, but will also ensure that the menu is clear and easily understandable to patrons.Take the time to add details to your typical dinner setting - whether it’s just a few rose petals on the table, a small keepsake, or extra candles - your patrons will appreciate the effort and keep you in mind for years to come.