Cheese & Specialty

Echire Salted Butter Cup 30g
Pack Size: 100x1.06oz
Basil Pesto
Pack Size: 8x16oz
Truffle Butter Roll
Pack Size: 1x8.8oz
Butter Roll Garlic & Herbs
Pack Size: 10x8.8oz
Brie slices IQF
Pack Size: 6 x 17.6oz
Raclette Slices
Pack Size: 8x17.6oz
Goat Cheese Crumble
Pack Size: 2x11lbs
Moulard Duck Magret
Pack Size: 20x1lb
IQF Foie Gras Lobe Grade A
Pack Size: 10x11.54
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No matter what kind of cuisine or restaurant you work with, cheese is more than likely to be a key ingredient. Consumers all around the world love cheese, and your customers do too. It’s important to always have gourmet cheese available for your customers, and shopping with White Toque allows you to have fresh cheese ready at all times. The large issue with buying cheese at the wholesale level is the shelf life of the product. Fresh cheese such as mozzarella, brie, and goat cheese don’t last nearly as long as hard cheeses. However, White Touque’s GMO-free cheeses are frozen fresh, so mold will never be a problem. Purchasing frozen cheese in bulk allows you to make more efficient use of your supply with little to no waste. Aside from fresh milk cheese, we also whole sell blue cheese, gorgonzola, and raclette.