72 Escargots In Shell W/ Butter
Pack Size: 2x2.2lb
12 Escargots in Shell w/ Butter
Pack Size: 10x4.4oz
Escargo' Presto Shell Less
Pack Size: 12x10.5oz
Escargots Helix IQF Meat VLg
Pack Size: 4x17.6oz
Escargots Can Helix Lucorum
Pack Size: 6x28oz
When your restaurant guests have an urge for something gourmet, serve them White Toque escargot! When you buy frozen escargot at wholesale prices, you are able to save time and money for your foodservice business. White Toque is a trusted wholesale restaurant supplier, so rest assured knowing your customers are being served the highest quality frozen foods on the market. Using authentic wild helix snails, White Toque follows ancient traditions when preparing these bite-sized delicacies. Flash frozen and packaged immediately, chefs love using our premium frozen ingredients. Order escargot from White Toque to save precious time in your restaurant. Instead of taking hours preparing escargot, take comfort in knowing that our Escargots in Shell with Butter are cooked to perfection every time. For an easy to serve appetizer, serve our shell-less escargot. You can even order a bag of escargot helix meat, and cook how you please! Serve our frozen escargot in your restaurant, bar, or at your hotel.