IQF Mango Diced (Vietnam)

Pack Size: 1x22lb
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Tree-ripened to maximize flavor and texture. Perfect for smoothies, pastries or in salad. Bulk pack. Fruit from Vietnam. Read Details

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IQF Mango dices are fresh Kaew mangoes ripened, cored, cut into dices, individually frozen and then packaged. White Toque's Mango dices are preserved by individually quick freezing, a process that retains color, flavor and texture. Harvested in Vietnam.
Case Size 15.5''x 12.75''x 6.75''
Pack Net Weight Weight1.00
Case Gross Weight 23.2lb
Cases Per Pallet 63
Case Cube 0.77ft3
Net Weight 22lb
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BRIX: 10-13° pH: 2.5 to 4.6 Size: < 8mm: 25% > 10mm: 17 to 20% 8.0 to 10 mm: 50 to 65%


Color: Yellow to orange Flavor: Characteristic of ripe mangoes Odor: Characteristic of ripe mangoes Texture: Soft to firm


Kosher (K).