Antipasti Salad

Antipasti Salad

1 bag Grilled Eggplant

1 bag Grilled Red Pepper Slab

1 bag Grilled Zucchini Slices

1 tray Roasted Red Tomatoes

2 bags X-Fine Asparagus Spears 4”

1 bag Artichoke Quarters Egypt

1 tray IQF Buffalo Mozzarella Pearls

2 oz Maille Vinegar Balsamic Modena

1 jar Pitted Salt Cured Olives (14oz)

4 oz Olive Oil

1 tbsp Garlic

1 tbsp Basil Pesto

1 bag Grilled Yellow Pepper

Salt & Pepper to taste

  • 1. Thaw and pat dry all grilled and roasted vegetables except the tomatoes. Cut them into bite size pieces.
  • 2. Saute the artichoke quarters, chill, reserve.
  • 3. Combine eggplant, red pepper, yellow pepper, zucchini, roasted tomatoes, asparagus, artichoke and olives and keep chilled.
  • 4. To make the dressing combine olive oil, garlic, basil pesto, vinegar, salt and pepper, adjust seasoning to taste.
  • 5. To serve add dressing to the grilled vegetables and add the Bufala mozzarella pearls.
  • 6. Tip: Dress only what you are serving and serve at once as the Mozzarella will discolor from the balsamic vinegar.
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