Shrimp Wrap on Basil

Shrimp Wrap on Basil

3 Feuilles de Brick Dough

2oz Peeled Fava Beans

3.4fl oz Maille Balsamic Vinegar

15 Jumbo Shrimp

1/2 Bunch of basil

1 Tomato

2 Scallions

Olive oil

15 Tooth picks

Salt & Pepper

  • 1. Cut each feuille de brick dough in five portions.
  • 2. On each shrimp, put a leaf of basil and wrap it in a piece of brick. Use a tooth pick to hold it together.
  • 3. Dice the tomato, add the minced scallions and peeled fava beans previously hand blanched. Season with olive oil, salt and pepper.
  • 4. Reduce the balsamic vinegar down to a syrup consistency.
  • 5. In a fryer at 350°F, plunge 15 basil leaves for a few seconds, and put them on a paper towel. Deep fry the shrimp for 1 minute and put them on a paper towel as well.
  • 6. On the plate, arrange the shrimp in the middle, then place the fava beans salad and the fried basil leaves around.
  • 7. Finish by garnishing the plate with the balsamic reduction. Serve at once.
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