Holidays items to make the most of the season.

When you need simple, turnkey ingredients delivering gourmet quality and flavor, look no further than White Toque.

We are proud to provide quality products keeping your menu fresh and consistent through the year.

Discover below ready-to-use culinary aides to help you efficiently streamline production and manage labor costs - without compromising quality or creativity.

  1. Spoonette
    Pack Size: 252/1.4"x3
  2. Sponge Sheet Cocoa
    Sponge Sheet Cocoa
    Pack Size: 1x12sheets
  3. Mini Blinis 1.77
    Mini Blinis 1.77" Tray
    Pack Size: 6/40un
  4. Squeeze Raspberry Coulis
    Squeeze Raspberry Coulis
    Pack Size: 6x1.1lb
  5. Truffle Butter Roll
    Truffle Butter Roll
    Pack Size: 1x8.8oz
  6. Moulard Duck Magret
    Moulard Duck Magret
    Pack Size: 20x1lb
  7. Extra Fine Green Beans
    Extra Fine Green Beans
    Pack Size: 10x2.2lbs

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