Artichoke Quarters Bulk Egypt

Pack Size: 10x22lbs
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White Toque's line of gourmet vegetables is selected from the highest grade of specialty vegetables. Those artichokes are preserved by individually quick freezing to retain texture and flavor of the fresh produce. Our Artichokes are grown in EG, the source of the world finest artichokes. Their delicate taste and tender hearts will delight the gourmet eater. Artichokes quarters can be used in many recipes as dips, toppings, in soups, salads, casseroles or cold dishes. Read Details

Quick Overview

Blanched and ready to use on pizzas, in salads, as a side dish or in a dip.
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Case Size 15.7"x9.6"x9.7
Pack Net Weight Weight1.00
Case Gross Weight 24
Cases Per Pallet 108
Products Per Case 10
Net Weight 22 lb
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Cutin pieces: Widht= 0.79"" Length=1.97""

80 pieces/lb

Foreign material: none.

pH: >4.7


Appearance: Homogeneous light green or yellowish green color

Taste: Typical of artichoke

Texture: Not too hard or too soft.