Roasted Tricolor Tomatoes

Pack Size: 4x3lbs
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Yellow and green tomatoes are rarer than red. This colorfull blend of roasted tomatoes is unique and exclusive. Read Details
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Case Size 14.75''x 9.25''x 5''
Pack Net Weight Weight1.00
Case Gross Weight 13 lbs.
Cases Per Pallet 100
Case Cube 0.40ft3
Products Per Case 4
Net Weight 3 lbs.
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1''-2'' wedges

Ph: 4.2

% Moisture: 70%

Deep confluent red color

Pale Green

Bright Yellow


Flavor: Sweet, mildly tart flavor of tomatoes with mild garlic, onion and spice background flavors

Aroma: Mild garlic and spice aroma with fruitiness from tomatoes

Texture: Firm flesh with no excessively dry spots. Product should be mildly chewy.


No sulfites or preservatives are added


Tomatoes (yellow, red, green tomatoes), canola oil, garlic, spices, salt.