WT Heritage Raisin Roll

Pack Size: 60x3.5oz
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Deepfrozen pastry with butter, whirl filled with custard cream (17%) and sultanas (9%), ready-to-bake. Read Details
Case Size 15.67''x 11.73''x 10.1''
Pack Net Weight Weight1.00
Case Gross Weight 15lb
Cases Per Pallet 70
Case Cube 1.07ft3
Products Per Case 60
Net Weight 13.2lb
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Unit weight: 3.5oz (100g) Diameter: 85mm (3.35")


GMO free. BRC, IFS.


Wheat flour, water, butter (16.5%), raisins (8.5%), sugar, wheat and/or corn glucose-fructose syrup, eggs, yeast, modified potato starch, salt, cream powder, lactose, milk proteins, whey powder, skimmed milk powder, stabiliser (calcium sulphate, diphosphates), thickener (sodium alginate), cotton oil, coloring agent (carrot extract), vanilla and milk flavors, flour treatment agent (ascorbic agent), enzymes. CONTAINS WHEAT, MILK, EGGS. MAY CONTAIN SOYBEANS, SESAME SEEDS AND TREE NUTS (HAZELNUTS, ALMONDS, PECAN NUTS, COCONUT).