Mango & Sweet Plantain on Vanilla Stick & Saffron Sauce

Mango & Sweet Plantain on Vanilla Stick & Saffron Sauce

12 oz Sweet Plantains

12 oz Mango Chunks Grade A

Echire Unsalted Butter

Olive Oil

4 Vanilla Beans

8 oz Milk

1.7 oz Sugar

3 Egg Yolk


  • 1. Cut the vanilla beans in half length wise. Remove the vanilla seeds that you set aside for the sauce. Dry the vanilla beans in the oven at 150°F for one hour.
  • 2. Cut the plantains in 6 to 8 pieces and put them on the vanilla stick alternatively with the mango chunks.
  • 3. Bring the milk to boil with some of the vanilla seeds. Mix the egg yolk and sugar with a wisk, and poor over the milk. Cook on the stove until creamy texture but do not boil. Infuse few saffron pistil and cool down.
  • 4. In a fry pan, sauté the fruit brochette on each side with some butter.
  • 5. Place two brochettes on a plate and the saffron sauce around.
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