Potatoe Pie

Potatoe Pie

2 WT Puff Pastry 1/2 Sheet

3 Potatoes

1 Onion

1 bunch Italian Parsley

1oz Butter - Pat

1 Thyme Sprig

8oz Crème Fraiche

1 Bay Leaf - Whole

1 Eggs



  • 1. Peel potatoes and place in water until slicing. Thinly slice the potatoes.
  • 2. Add the minced onion to the potatoes and mix together.
  • 3. Chop parsley and add to the potatoes.
  • 4. Season with salt and pepper to taste.
  • 5. Cut one circle in each 1/2 sheet pastry dough.
  • 6. Strain any residual water from potato mixture. Place potatoes on one dough circle leaving a 1/2 inch perimeter.
  • 7. Place pat of butter, thyme sprig and bay leaf on top of potatoes.
  • 8. With the beaten egg, brush the 1/2 perimeter and add the other dough
  • 9. on top. Press firmly on the edge to close the pie, and make a small hole in the center, then egg wash.
  • 10. Bake for 45 minutes at 350ºF.
  • 11. With a knife, cut a 2 to 3 inch circle in the middle. Add the crème fraiche.
  • 12. Bake for another 15mn at 320ºF.
  • 13. Before serving, remove thyme sprig and bay leaf.
  • 14. Cut and serve as a side dish or serve as an entrée garnished with iceberg lettuce.
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